We will evaluate and assess your existing RCM systems and process in order to streamline and maximize efficiencies improving workflows which will reduce errors and potentially find additional productive capacity. Further, we will work on optimizing revenue through root cause analysis relating to:

Denial Analysis

Analyzing cause of denials and identifying payer underpayments will increase revenue and reduce timely filing write-offs.

A/R Turnover / Days in A/R Benchmarking

The longer your claims sit in A/R the more likely you write them off.

Internal Control Assessment

Finding gaps in your workflow & streamlining will increase efficiencies and increase productive capacity.

State Regulatory Compliance

Need help preparing cost and staff reports? Let us file those timely for you.

Contract Payment Integrity

Underpayments are a root cause of lost revenue. We can analyze payments to contractual obligation and recover lost revenue.

Financial Audit Management

Many practices struggle to manage and provide adequate schedules to auditors thereby increasing audit cost.

Cost Analysis

We look strongly at your cost per claim and benchmark to practices and ASC’s in your specialty to assure consistent cost control.