First we have partnered with NordsVPN to establish a secure perimeter around our network infrastructure. NordVPN protects your internet traffic with cutting-edge security technologies, ensuring strong and reliable encryption. By default, NordVPN apps use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit-keys – also used by the US government to secure classified information and by the NSA to protect national security data.

Second, we have partnered with Vitrus to ensure all emails are securely encrypted using state of the art encryption protocols not only from point of issuing but also covers destination also referred to as end to end encryption. Email containing PHI or other critical information will have a time limit before its eliminated assuring it doesn’t sit out in cyber space for long limiting exposure to hackers.

Third, even if hackers were able to penetrate our comprehensive system your data lies safe as a result of our data encryption system for saved data existing in our hard drives. BitLocker (codenamed Cornerstone and formerly known as Secure Startup) is a full disk encryption feature. It is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes.