“Having big data capabilities can help companies become more efficient and improve overall competitiveness for that reason a number of firms including fortune 500 companies outsource some of their analytics” (MIT Sloan, 2014)

Assembling an in-house analytics department is difficult and costly. We at Agile Analytics will sit with you and review all your analytics needs and customize and design a set of analytics that will enable you to gain insight into your practice so that you can make proactive data driven decisions.



  • Data Centric Focus/Expertise

    The extraction and manipulation of big data is complex and time consuming. Our team is solely dedicated & proficient in such task enabling efficiencies and competencies in interpretation of your data into meaningful actionable insight.

    The outsourcing data analytics agencies ensures proper and systematic management, organizing and storage of your crucial data across multiple platforms Outsourcing data analytical agencies provide you with high-quality service related to your data management, data storage, interpretation etc. It will help you in making an effective business decision. It also eases your decision-making process.

  • Free-up FTE

    If you already task current employees such as your BOM (business office manager) with the preparation of analysis, outsourcing analytics can improve the efficacy and efficiency of their production.  Further, using a non-analyst to interpret data may potentially cause errors that skew decision making.

  • Analytics Technology Capability

    Because we are dedicated soley to extraction, manipulation and creation of timely and accurate data analysis we posses the latest business intelligence tools to accomplish the most complex of tasks.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Assembling an analytics department is costly and time consuming. Based on Glassdoor, the salary of a seasoned financial analyst averages approximately $80K per year without the inclusion of fringe benefits. Outsourcing data management costs a fraction of the annual expense of having an analyst on staff.

  • Data Protection

    As a result of our data centric focus, security is paramount as our reputation rests on our ability to safely protect critical patient data. We are able to maintain the highest level of data integrity  with the latest encryption procedures, industry standard protocols and security software.